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7 Days Of Indoor Activities For Kids

Written by Anica Vujanic


Posted on January 04 2021

We have held up 2020 in a very different way. Though 2021 is still unpredictable, let’s start the new year with the 7-exciting-day challenge with your kids. Tuck it away for a rainy or blustery day, or break it out now if facing another round of stay-home orders.

Day 1. Build a doll house

Bring the manificent miniature to your kids’ bedroom

Day 2. Build the LEGO Downtown Fire Brigade

Be creative with the toy set featuring a 3-level building with roof, attached construction area and many minifigures.

Day 3. DIY a bunch of bread

Involve your kids in the kitchen activities and enjoy the bread made by the perfect baking kits by Farm Steady

Day 4. Family TikTok time

Try a TikTok dance for family. You might have more fun than expected.

Day 5. Read a book

Challenge you and your kids to finish a book in a day. That may be a fun time of reading.

Day 6. STEM time

Try a STEM toy kit and discover the science with your kids. 

Day 7. Party time

Blowing balloons and celebrating a tea party with your kids is a memorable experience. 




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