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Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat

$ 499.00 USD

Railroad (ziip)

Clek's new compact convertible car seat equipped with safety from every angle - Extended rear-facing, Energy-absorbing crumple technology, and Advanced side-impact safety! Fllo is tailored in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton Fabrics and is designed with best-in-class width at 17 inches, providing space to fit 3-across easily. Now with the 2+1 year warranty.

Extended Rear-Facing Use
Fllo was designed to international best practices for extended rear-facing use.

Steel Anti-Rebound Bar
Fllo comes with a Steel Anti-Rebound Bar, which improves stability by limiting rotation of the child seat, helping protect your child’s head from impact in the event of a collision.

Advanced Side-Impact Protection
Fllo was designed to protect the child's head in a side-impact collision through:
-Adjustable Headrest with Deep Side Wings: Energy-absorbing EPP foam-lined headrest connected to the frame using steel rods ensures maximum head protection in a side-impact collision.
-Energy-Absorbing Foam Layers: Foam layers on both the inside and outside of the frame protect your child by absorbing energy in a side-impact collision, resulting in less force transferred to your child.
-Metal Substructure: Steel substructure prevents twisting to keep child contained and protected in the child seat.

Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology
Integrated into every Clek Fllo is an Aluminum Honeycomb Safety System designed to reduce the forces transmitted to a forward-facing child in a collision. Fllo’s Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology (EACT) transfers forces away from the child and to the aluminum honeycomb deformable cores integrated into the seat base.

GREENGUARD Select Certified
Crypton Super Fabrics are GREENGUARD Select Certified and provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria; and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.


  • Improved compact design sits lower in vehicle for improved visibility and ingress/egress.
  • Fllo boasts a best-in-class narrow width under 17 in. at its widest - fits 3 across!
  • Integrated Flip foot for rear-facing installation.
  • Base of child seat measures 13 in. wide for improved installation in difficult vehicle seating positions, like deep bucket seats and centre seating positions.
  • Anti-rebound bar nests into flat part of vehicle seat back ensuring a snug installation with ease (and is removable for a more upright installation for extended rear-facing).
  • Approved for use in aircraft.

Seat dimensions:
Seating Depth: 12.5 in.
Harness-Slot Height: 8–17 in.
Width: 13–17 in.
Fore-Aft Measurement in Rear-Facing: 32.5 in.
Height Measurement in Rear-Facing: 23.5–27 in.
Fore-Aft Measurement in Forward-Facing: 24 in.
Height Measurement in Forward-Facing: 26–31 in.
Seat Weight: 25 lbs. (28 lbs. with Anti-Rebound Bar)

Child height & weight:
Rear-Facing: 25–43 in., 14–50 lbs., Able to sit upright alone
Forward-Facing: 30–49 in., 22–65 lbs., 2+ years recommended

Customer Reviews

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Jess J

My daughter was so excited when she saw her new car seat. It looks and feels very comfortable and I was able to fit 2 clek fllos in my second row and still move the chair to get back to the third row.