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Which Nuna Pipa car seat is right for you?

Written by Anica Vujanic


Posted on February 27 2021

If youre looking for a baby car seat chances are you've come across the Nuna infant car seats. There are five different Nuna Pipa models and here we'll help you break down the main differences between each model so that you can decide which Pipa best fits your needs. One of the most important factors you should consider when buying a car seat is how easy it is to install and adjust in your car correctly and we'll go into that in just a few lines. First, let's cover the similarities across all five Pipa models. You can start using all Pipas from just 4 pounds and up to 32 pounds or after you child has reached 32 inches in height. All models are free of chemicals and are made with naturally fire-resistant fabrics. Any Pipa you decide on will expire seven years after the date of purchase.

Let's dig into the differences. Refer to the comparison table below for a detailed review between the each model including the weight of the seat, installation methods, the dream drape cover, price points and other useful features.

 nuna pipa car seats comparison

One of the most important differences from a car seat technician's perspective is in the ease of installation and this is where the type of the base that you choose comes into play. The Nuna Pipa series has two bases: the original, now called the Pipa base, and the newer one, called the RELX base.

The RELX base is more adjustable overall making it more adaptable for a wider range of cars and seating positions. Both bases are easy to install using LATCH and both can be a little finicky with a seatbelt because the lock-off clip design makes it harder to get the seatbelt slack out properly. Both bases include a load leg — metal pole that touches the vehicle floor and stabilizes the car seat in case of an impact. The RELX load leg however has more positions and can thus be shortened to fit in the middle seat (if your vehicle manual allows for a middle-seat installation). Pipa base on the other hand is longer and can never be installed in the middle. Please note that Nuna strongly recommends the use of the load leg as an additional safety feature so if you're having trouble engaging your leg in any position feel free to contact us or call Nuna directly. 

Another important base difference is that the RELX base has an anti-rebound panel which limits the car seat's rebound movement in case of an impact, as well as four retractable positions which will help you get the seat closer to the vehicle seat back and thus get a tighter connection. The original Pipa base doesn't have an anti-rebound panel/ bar feature and has no way of retracting closer to the vehicle seat crease. The RELX base allows you to adjust your angle inside the base without having to uninstall it - simply slide the inside portion of the base into a desired position based on your child's weight. Pipa base on the other hand has to be uninstalled in case that the angle is off. The Pipa base features a bubble level indicator where the line on the side has to touch the bubble in order for you to achieve the correct installation angle and if your bubble doesn't touch the line then you have to uninstall, flip up the foot underneath the base and adjust your angle. Both bases can be purchased separately and used with any Nuna Pipa car seat. 

Keep in mind that this post is based on our installation experience and that every car is different. If you're not sure how a particular base would fit in your vehicle, you can always come by our shop for a free car-seat fitting.

If you have any questions about a Nuna Pipa model or any other car seats, feel free to give us a call or stop by. Our car seat technicians are always happy to help!



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