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Best Sleds For Kids

Written by Anica Vujanic


Posted on January 11 2021

Winters in New England can sometimes feel dark and dreary, but the silver lining of all the frosty weather is snowy outdoor adventures and cozy traditions. Let’s have the best and safest winter with our top 5 winter outdoor toys for your kids.

1. Kettler Snow Comfort

Made of high-quality, cold and light resistant plastic, this extremely comfortable bob sled is specially designed for children. It has a tubular railing and push handle system with stable side protection and a taller back support with adjustable head support and rear push system. It has two independently functioning metal brakes with steering and braking effects for ideal navigation and anti-slip, comfortable seat and integrated foot rests for excellent safety. Additionally, it has a comfortable, responsive seat suspension, double wall plastic undercarriage with internal stainless steel runners and three adjustable belts in the foot, waist and upper areas. It can also be operated and guided by another person on the rear running platform.

2. KHW Snow Flyer

Dominate the slopes with the Snow Flyer sled. Built to last for a lifetime of winter fun, this solo sled will blast past the others leaving a spray of snow in its wake. Race car-style steering, a contoured driver seat, and Formula 1 style handling on the snow make the Snow Flyer an ideal racing sled. For ages: 6+ years.

3. Kettler Snow Cruiser Sled

This is a modern alternative to the classic wooden sled. It's made from a high polymer resin. It has a stainless steel runnder for excellent seldding properties in any kind of snow.

4. Classic Downhill Toboggan Snow Sled Includes Pull Rope and Handles (48")

The sled is designed for speed and features slick and strong plastic and grooved channels that sink into the snow for precise movement. Going fast has never been safer or easier. 

5. KHW Fun UFO

This classic style sled is a fun, timeless way to enjoy the snowy weather. It has two handles to allow for steering and braking. For ages: 8+ years.




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