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Nuna Rava vs. Nuna Revv Convertible Car Seat -- which one is right for you?

Written by Anica Vujanic


Posted on July 17 2023

With its unique 360 rotation feature, the Nuna Revv Convertible Car Seat has impressed many parents but with it's bulkier profile it might not be the right fit for your car -- so let's compare the Nuna Rava and Nuna Revv, both of which are popular offerings from Nuna Baby.

Nuna Revv 360 Swivel Convertible Car Seat

nuna revv swivel

1. Safety

Both the Nuna Rava and Nuna Revv prioritize safety and are designed to meet and exceed safety standards. They each feature a steel-reinforced frame and energy-absorbing foam for enhanced protection in the event of a crash. Both car seats also come with a five-point harness for secure restraint. Additionally, the Revv base features an anti-rebound panel which limits the whiplash i.e. rebound motion in case of an impact thus adding extra security when in the rear-facing mode.

2. Installation

The Nuna Rava and Nuna Revv excel in terms of the ease of installation -- ie. even the grandma can do it no problem! They both utilize the "true-tension door" installation system, which involves pulling a seatbelt underneath a panel that closes and tightens, removing seatbelt slack and thus making the installation very tight and thus secure. You can install both seats with either a seat belt or with the lower anchors (LATCH system) but seat belt is our preferred method due to its tighter fit and higher weight maximum on the belt. The Nuna Revv install has to include a tether hook every time since you only have to install the Revv once for for both rear and forward facing directions. Regardless of which car seat you choose, the installation process is user-friendly and can be done quickly and securely for both seats. 

3. Size and Weight Limit

The Nuna Rava has the higher weight &  height limit allowing for a longer use. The Revv is suitable for newborns from 5 lbs and up to 40 lbs OR up to 43" in height while the Rava allows for children up to 65 lbs and 49". Having said that, a typical 5-year old boy in the US weighs about 40lbs and is about 44" tall while an average girl is 39 lbs and 43" at the same age of 5. This means it's very likely that you will be out of a convertible and in a booster seat before your kid ever reaches the upper limits of either car seat so a lower weight limit on the Revv shouldn't deter you unless you have a very lanky toddler. 

4. Adjustability and Comfort

Both car seats offer multiple recline positions to ensure optimal comfort for the child. The Nuna Rava has ten different headrest and harness positions, while the Nuna Revv has six positions. They feature adjustable headrests and (no-rethread) harness accommodating the growth of the child as they get older.  Fabrics are very cushion-y on both models and thus both offer equally comfortable ride. 

5. Dimensions and Vehicle Fit

Nuna Rava is slightly lighter and more compact overall. Rava weighs 27.2lbs while the Revv weighs 29.7lbs. In our experience all convertibles are heavy enough and a few pounds won't make a big difference but we understand everyone's need for a lighter car seat. When it comes to the seat length this is where the shape of the base can make a big difference in terms of fitting in your car properly. Namely, the Rava is shorter by about 4" when rear-facing and thus will stick out less and give you more room between your front seat and the actual car seat (the two can't be touching). The Nuna Revv, on the other hand, features a uniquely shaped swivel base which is about 4" longer and thus sticks out further when the seat is facing backwards. Once you're in the forward-facing mode this doesn't matter as you will gain that space back but it's something to keep in mind especially if you have a smaller car or a taller person sitting in the passenger seat. 

6. Additional Features

While the Nuna Rava and Nuna Revv share many similarities, they do have some small differences in terms of additional features. For example, the Nuna Rava features side pockets for the buckle while the Revv has magnets. Nuna Revv comes with two infant inserts and Rava comes with one. The Nuna Rava has a flip-out 2" inch calf support extension while the Revv doesn't have any extensions. Last but not least, the Rava offers more colors while the Revv is currently only available in three main fashions. 


So, in the end, when deciding between the Nuna Rava and Nuna Revv, it's important to consider your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Both car seats prioritize safety and ease of installation and while the Nuna Rava potentially offers an extended  period of use, the Revv, on the other hand, offers a unique swivel feature that may be very appealing to parents. We at Tadpole always recommend trying out the seats in person which you can do at our shop in the South End with a free consultation with one of our car seat experts. Simply give us a call at 617-778-1788 or stop by!



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