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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Anica Vujanic


Posted on December 03 2020

What should you get for your littles but fancy and super interesting toys because this year, they will unprecedentedly spend a lot of time inside during the holidays. Let us help! We've curated the best gifts to make your kids’ Holidays authentically as awesome as it used to be.

1. Kid-sized toys

For toddlers and kids who usually are excited about playing just like the real thing, big outdoor trucks by Bruder, vintage pedal cars by Baghera, snow flyers by Kettler and so much more are the best idea gifts. 


2. Matching holiday outfits

matching holiday outfits - Tadpole

It is fascinating to see siblings in the matching outfits, but it’s so fun to see mini versions of yourselves, especially when it’s shown so literally with matching clothing-  YES, matching mom and kids’ clothing! Stack up your matching family pajamas collection with our Petidoux mom and kids’ matching PJs. 


3. Baking kits

If you thought the doughnuts at the apple stand were good, you’ve never made them from scratch. Run that doughnut love into your kids by spending time with them baking all sorts of delicacies. Awesome for indoor family fun! Straight from the oven, homemade cake kits by Farm Steady are out of this world. They’ll easily be the best you’ve ever tasted. Seriously. Plus, making them is easy because almost no baking skills are required - who doesn't love to hear that!


Share with us any of your cool gift ideas for this Christmas & Holidays 2020 below! :)



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